Anonymous asked: What are you listening to now?

Drake and my thoughts lol 😬

Anonymous asked: Could you start posting ootd pictures on your IG you use to do that when you first started your IG?

Lol nah. i try not to oversaturate my IG, i did that at one point and now I’m into less is more. I’m aiming everyday on finding the balance between genuinely reaching out to folks while trying not to oversaturate my presence. I think people of our age generation, we don’t value to live in the present moment enough. I feel like nowadays it’s like we’ve become obsessed with endless self promotion and we aren’t focusing on making relationships with each other. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone deserves the right to express themselves, but we sometimes tend to do things with poor content that we’re starting to forget what’s good. Besides all that… posting outfits it’s just going to knock off my whole theme i have going on lol 

Sampha - Without

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“Make it happen. Shock everyone.”

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Crumblin’ Erb

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